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Parking Lots Closed for Pick up and Drop off *

posted Jan 21, 2018, 9:18 AM by Deborah Thorne
Hawthorne Village Community:

Due to safety concerns, the decision has been made to close the parking lot to parents and guardians during arrival and dismissal times. This will begin tomorrow on Monday January 22nd. All families are asked to either walk their children to school or to park on the sidestreets and walk them from there.

Staff will have a parking pass in order to park in our lot. *There will be a few accessible parking passes available in the office for families of students with special needs or temporary injuries ie) broken leg

***Please note that NO CARS ARE PERMITTED TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANYTIME IN THE FRONT LANEWAY . . . This includes even the quickest “I am just leaving for a moment” situations.

Anna Drummond
Hawthorne Village Public School