Principal's Message

Message from Principal Drummond

Welcome back everyone!

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.  We are all excited about a new school year full of fun and adventure as we say goodbye to some families and welcome new families into the Hawthorne Village Community.  We look forward to meeting everyone at our Hawthorne Village Fun Fair BBQ on Thursday, Sept. 21st  from 4:00 – 8:00pm.  

Each student will receive an assortment of information letters.  Please take the time to review all the information and return the necessary documents to the school.  It is particularly important for us to have up-to-date contact information at the office.  If any of this information changes throughout the school year, we ask that you let the office know immediately.

Hawthorne Village continues to be a cashless school and we hope that most families will use this preferred method of payment for all activities.  Please go to to sign up!  It only takes a few minutes!

Communication is an important link between home and school.  This year the Board decided not to use the Edsby system as the usage rate across the Board was less than 16%.  We will continue to use the school website and synervoice as our main means of communication.  Teachers will also have access to Google Classroom and Google Guardian to help keep the communication lines open.  More training and access will be made available as soon as we receive this information.   

At this time I would like to outline a few reminders for everyone in order to help Hawthorne Village run smoothly.

Please remember:

  1. Our Kiss ‘n’ Ride program has started and we all need to work together to keep it running smoothly.   Please stop as near to the entry gates/doors as possible, be patient if there is a line in front of you and avoid passing cars in front of you in a hurry.  We need your help to keep our children safe!!!  Please be a good example for them!!!  Easy access parking is available along all the roads surrounding our school yard.

  2. Have you signed up for “schoolcashonline” yet???  It is the easiest way to pay fees at school!

  3. Don’t forget to reserve a spot on your calendars for Thurs. Sept. 21st for the Hawthorne Village Fun Fair

We will once again be working to create a positive learning environment for students, teachers and parents in our school community.  This year we will start the year with a focus on learning skills and how to be the best that we can be!  Remember, Hawthorne Village Rocks because of  You!!!  

The Hawthorne Village Community:

  • Is safe and caring

  • Respects individual differences and the diversity of our cultures

  • Provides opportunities for all students to learn

  • Encourages students to become responsible for themselves and others

Please do not hesitate to call the school if you have any questions or concerns.

Your sincerely,

Anna Drummond


Principal's Message