Parent Lunch Forms

Hawthorne Village Public School has three lunch programs.

Third Term Pizza ends May 4, 2018
Fourth Term
May 7 - June 29

Milk - Daily
Pizza and Juice - Every Thursday beginning May 10, 2018.  Order deadline April 24, 2018.
Pita, Salad and Smoothies - Every week starting on Tuesday, March 20. Purchase on Pita Pit Milton . 

The Lunch Lady also offers a program on Mondays and Fridays.  Payments for this program are payable to the Lunch Lady.  Please visit for menu, details and to place orders. For the second term, the Lunch Lady begins on January 15, 2018.

For future Pizza and Milk order, refer to instructions below.
Go to School Cash Online to get set up and make lunch purchases.  It only takes a few minutes to sign up! Also, here is a useful video link to help you with the registration process for School Cash Online.